Why You Should Choose Mineral Sunscreen for Sensitive skin

Mineral Sunscreen

If you’re someone with sensitive skin, Summer can be tough. You absolutely shouldn’t skip sunscreen, but many varieties have a nasty habit of bringing on breakouts due to the amount of triggering chemicals they contain. However, when you use mineral sunscreen for sensitive skin, that all changes. 

You want effective sun protection, but not if it leads to problematic skin. That’s exactly why you should be considering switching to a mineral brand sooner rather than later – if you haven’t already. If you need further convincing, stay with us as we explore some of the benefits that come with using products like these. 

Mineral Sunscreen For Sensitive Skin Is More Natural 

The alternative to using mineral sunscreen is a chemical sunscreen, and as the name suggests, it’s often created synthetically, meaning that it’s not very natural. Ok, so technically speaking, mineral-based products still contain chemicals, but they’re naturally occurring i.e. zinc oxide.

Being more natural makes it better for your skin for obvious reasons. However, that’s far from the only benefit mineral sunscreens offer. 

The UV Filters Used Are Much Gentler 

Another factor that makes mineral sunscreens better for sensitive skin sufferers is the UV filter that each type uses. Chemical brands use chemicals like octocrylene and avobenzone to provide a barrier against the sun, but they’re associated with irritation and skin allergies. If you’ve ever had a reaction to sunscreen in the past – there’s a high likelihood that it’s one of these two that’s the culprit! 

Zinc oxide is not widely known to be associated with skin reactions, although if you are allergic to zinc, for example, it may happen. Zinc oxide allergies, however, are quite rare, so in this case, you’re either lucky, or you aren’t. 

Mineral Sunscreen Sits ON the Skin, Not In It

The way in which mineral sunscreen works also means that it’s gentler on the skin, as it’s not a compound that is absorbed by the skin. Instead, it sits on top of it, providing a near-impervious barrier against the sun. 

The very fact that it’s not absorbed means that the chances of it exacerbating a skin condition drops significantly when compared to chemical varieties. 

Mineral Sunscreen For Sensitive Skin Is Proven to Protect

If you’re still not convinced, we haven’t yet finished. How about the fact that mineral sunscreen made with zinc oxide is approved by the FDA for skin protection? This means it’s proven to NOT irritate the skin, rather it’s proven to provide relief for skin issues. 

Compared with the UV filters used in chemical sunscreens, it’s a world apart.

If You Have Sensitive Skin – It’s a No-Brainer!

As someone with sensitive skin, it’s hard to think of a reason NOT to switch to mineral sunscreen for sensitive skin. Every single piece of evidence points towards it being more soothing, more supportive and simply better for the skin, so switching is a bit of a no-brainer.

The only issue you might find if you’ve never used a mineral product before is the fact that zinc oxide sunscreens are much thicker than chemical types and require a different approach to application. 

However, the adjustment only takes a small amount of practice and an understanding that you need to use much less of the product to cover the same amount of skin. Once you have that learned, it’s all positive from there! 

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