Why is Saturn in the 8th house of Kundli considered ‘difficult’?

house of Kundli

Saturn has always been regarded as bad and negative when it has been in the eighth house. Some contemporary astrologers, however, have abandoned this school of thought. The 8th house is regarded by them as the house of resurrections. The 8th house also represents changes brought about by growth and change. Saturn’s placement in the eighth house may indicate that the natives may occasionally need to reinvent themselves. This placement could therefore also indicate a changeable character and a competitive scenario.

Saturn’s negative characteristics in the eighth house include the following:

The natives’ health is additionally hampered by Saturn’s placement in the eighth house. The natives can feel their age early on. Additionally, other people’s financial assistance, especially that of their partner, will be considerably reduced. Additionally, the retrograde Saturn may make it difficult to have children. Such a person is also talented, productive, and pragmatic by nature. Therefore, despite a few difficulties, there will be advantages in the long run.

Instead of always expecting the worst, those with Saturn in the eighth house should strive to concentrate on the positive outcomes that might result from the change. They will experience less tension and excessive anxiety as a result.

Those with Saturn in the eighth house of kundli need to step forward and consider how they may better handle their issues. Learning to stop taking things so seriously is the only way to escape the intense pressure. Every issue has a solution, thus Saturn’s issues in the eighth house can be resolved by applying the appropriate remedies.

There are some positive traits as well: 

The second house is just across from the eighth. The second house represents one’s perspective on material possessions. In that regard, the eighth house represents the inhabitants’ disposition to letting go of the remnants of the past so they might advance in life and continue to evolve and progress.

It could be very difficult for the inhabitants of Saturn in the eighth house to accept changes in their lives. They may find change to be quite distressing because it may cause them to feel a lot of concern and anxiety. They ought to be conscious of its influence. If the indigenous approach change with the proper mindset, they will succeed in life. They ought to be open to change.

Natives with Saturn in the eighth house are frequently patient, frugal, and diligent. They are disciplined, self-made individuals who are willing to forgo now for the sake of the future. They don’t mind missing out on social activities in order to put in more hours at work and improve their financial situation.

Their attitude toward change may be one of the major hindrances in the lives of those with Saturn in the eighth house. People with a strong Saturn in their Kundali can accomplish great things if they can address them wisely through proper guidance by expert astrologers.

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