WhoCallMe Review: Top-rated Platform to Find Out Who Called Me From This Phone Number

WhoCallMe Review


It’s common to receive an incoming call from an unknown phone number. And you probably want to know who called me at this phone number. You’ll be able to take action after finding out who called you, such as calling back or blocking the phone numbers to avoid future calls.

WhoCallMe is an online free phone lookup directory, you can click here to find out who called you. It is one of the top-rated platforms that are accessible to everyone. Let’s dive deep.

Reasons to Find out Who Calls Me

Unknown callers you received have different intentions for making the call to you. The caller might be your long-lost friend or a business associate with whom you have yet to save the contact on your phone. Or a telemarketer, a scammer that you would like to avoid picking up the call.

So would you like to ignore calls or pick up the call from unknown callers? The best way is to find out who the caller is first before making any decisions.

Why should you know who called you from this phone number?

Identify Scammers

Phone call scam scandals are everywhere. Keep calm and use the reverse phone lookup tool to discover whether it is an authorized caller.

Contact Back Your Old Friends or Relatives

The caller might be an old acquaintance or our friend you wouldn’t like to miss. If you lose contact, they might contact you by calling you back. Knowing who the caller is may help you to rebuild the relationship.

Avoid Prank Calls

Upon identification of prank calls, you can avoid calls that disrupt your work or personal life. It is recommended to report the number to the relevant authorities.

Emergency Situation

You can identify the emergency call received from a stranger. It might be calling from the hospital, law firms, or police station.

What Are the Features of WhoCallMe?

Some of the most outstanding features make WhoCallMe the tip-top platform to discover who called me from this phone. Let’s find out more.

Web-Based Reverse Phone Lookup

WhoCallMe’s main feature is to allow users to enter an unknown phone number on the search bar and reveal the anonymous caller’s identity. It works similarly to the phonebooks, where you enter a phone number on the search bar, and the saved contact name pops up.

With WhoCallMe reverse phone lookup, you get to know more than the caller’s name. The search results also include the companions, residential address, social media profiles associated, and other phone numbers the caller uses.

The caller information is from public records, and the service is free. The database is up-to-date, guaranteeing you the most accurate and latest information.

Phone Number Directory

The WhoCallMe phone directory has all phone numbers and area codes in all 50 states in the USA. Including the area code in your search is advisable for more accurate results. Users can check the list and click the target area code to view detailed information.

By searching the area code, you can know the state, city, time zone, current time, and a map to estimate the caller’s location.

It will also display the related information of the area code, which you might find helpful, for example:

  • About the area code
  • History of the area code
  • Nearby area codes
  • Scam calls from the area code
  • Prefixes of the area code

WhoCallMe Review

Steps to Find out Who Called Me with WhoCallMe

First thing first, enable your internet access. Then, visit the WhoCallMe.com website on your smartphone, desktop, or laptop. Once on the site, you are ready to find out who called you from this phone number through simple steps:

Input the Phone Number

Type the 10-digit valid phone number in the site’s home page search bar. For better and more precise search results, it is recommended to include the phone number area code.

Click on the Search Button

Upon typing the phone number, click the search button to start the search process. The site will display the search process as you wait for the final report.

Get the Search Result

After a few minutes, the site will take you to the search results page. It will also direct you to their third-party partners’ site that offers paid services. Sometimes if there is more than one result, review all of them and select the most appropriate one.

What to Do After Figuring out Who Calls Me

After knowing who called, you can now take action to figure out what to do with the phone number. Here are the three possible actions you can do, depending on the different search results you get:

Call Back the Number

Contact them if you find the caller is your long-lost friend or relative!

Block or Report the Number

Report to relevant institutions if they’re scams and criminals trying to threaten you. You will not get any spam calls from that number again.

Do Nothing  

Suppose the call does not affect your life, for example, telemarketing promotions. In that case, you can leave it there and continue with your work or life.


Finding out unknown callers is crucial to help you take action after the identity confirmation. WhoCallMe can assist you in finding out who called me from this phone number in a few minutes. It is simple to use, has accurate results, and, most importantly, is free!

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