What is a Data Structure and Algorithm Course?

What is a Data Structure and Algorithm Course

Data Structures and Algorithms are one of the most vital skills every computer science student must have. It’s usually seen that individuals with practical knowledge of those technologies are better programmers than others and, therefore, crack the interviews of the tech giants. Now, you must consider choosing a top-quality DSA Course to build & enhance your data structures and algorithms skills.

If yes, then you’ve come up to the proper place, as here we’ll allow you to fathom the most suggested and worthy DSA Courses that may assist you in learning and mastering all the DSA ideas from basics to the advanced level!

Choosing the proper data structure or algorithm to unravel a problem affects the solution’s potency.

What are the different types of Data Structures?

There are two types –

  • Linear Data Structure:If the elements of a data structure lead to a sequence or a linear list, then it’s known as a Linear data structure. Each data component is connected to its next and sometimes previous component sequentially. Examples – Arrays, Linked Lists, Stacks, Queues, etc.
  • Non-linear Data Structure:If the elements of a data structure lead to the most straightforward way that the traversal of nodes isn’t done sequentially, then it’s a Non-linear data structure. Its components aren’t sequentially connected, and each component can attach to a different component in multiple ways: for example – Hierarchical data structures like trees. 

Why are Data Structures important?

Data structures are a crucial element of computing and facilitate understanding the character of a given problem at a deeper level. They are widely utilized in computing, operation systems, graphics, and alternative fields. If the computer programmer is strong in data structure and algorithms, they’ll be able to write good data-handling code.

These skills not only facilitate a computer programmer to land a high-paying job but also to sustain and perform well in the Job. Let’s see how?

Consider the scenario of an interview where two candidates, A, and B, applied for a software engineer role and were asked to unravel the below problem.  

Problem: A sorted array and a key is given to search, and check if the key is present in the array.

Candidate A solves the problem using a linear search operation, and candidate B solves the problem using a binary search operation.

After the results were out, candidate B got selected, whereas candidate A got rejected.

Why was candidate A got rejected?

The solutions of each candidate, A, and B, were correct. However, candidate B is efficient and superior in exploiting the proper data structure and algorithms to solve the problem given. The solution of candidate A takes O(N) time, whereas candidate B’s answer takes O(log N) time.

With the increasing demands and competition within the software engineering business, nowadays, the tech giants not only hunt for hard-working developers but also for developers who can solve a problem as essentially as possible to satisfy clients and aren’t scared of paying high.

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