What Is A Bubbler And What Are The Ways To Use It?

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There are many ways to smoke. Some may prefer bongs or hookahs, yet some prefer bubblers. The smoke clouds your senses and takes you to a hazy state. Everything seems blurry for some time, followed by a ravenous appetite. Bubblers are a fantastic addition to any smoker’s toolkit.

Learn how to use a bubbler and the different ways to use them if you want an ultimate smoking adventure. Their compactness and ease of usage make them great for when you want to smoke up on the fly (similar to pipes), but they also provide the cooling and filtering of a bong. What’s more, there isn’t much to lose by checking one out because they are generally affordable.

What Is A Bubbler?

An alternative to a normal pipe, a bubbler is a glass water pipe that filters and cools smoke using water and a percolation mechanism. The bowl, stem, water chamber, and mouthpiece of a bubbler are all contained in a single piece of glass. Most bubblers also contain carbs, which let users regulate airflow into the bowl and produce a large ember that burns continuously without needing to be repeatedly poked with a lighter.

While they seem similar, bubblers are not the same as bongs. Many different sizes, shapes, and colors are available for bongs, including many pieces of glass, chambers, etc. Bubblers, on the other hand, are significantly smaller and are made of only one piece of glass. Consider these as a cross between a bong and a standard glass pipe.

They are the ideal synthesis of beauty, form, and usability. They are comparable to a hybrid between a bong and a glass pipe in that they provide a pleasant smoking experience while also being portable and simple to use. When you take a hit, you’ll experience a velvety sweetness thanks to bubblers’ cooling and filtering effects, which use water and a filtration system.

Why Should You Use A Bubbler?

Utilizing a bubbler has many benefits. As previously discussed, the filtration results in a smoother smoking experience that is less strenuous on the lungs and doesn’t have the bitter, unappealing aftertaste you get from smoking without a water filter.

Bubblers are excellent for smokers who like to travel or prefer the portability and simplicity of a standard pipe with the additional filtration of a bong. They are also rather portable and tough, making them ideal for packing in a suitcase and taking on day trips, long drives, or any other type of travel.

The ease of usage of bubblers is just another significant benefit that makes them a fantastic choice.

Now that you know the benefits, read more to learn how to use a bubbler.

Add the right amount of water

After pouring the water into the measuring cup, you measure 10 ml of water – neither less nor more. Pouring the water into the bubbler with extreme care is the next step. All you need to do to start firing is fill the chamber halfway.

Pack the bowl tightly

Make sure the bubbler’s bowl is fully dry before adding any herbs by making sure to wipe out any water. It’s time to ground your herbs at that point. Use a grind that is neither too coarse nor too fine so that the herbs don’t pack too tightly and you don’t lose the smooth and constant burn.

Pinch a good amount of freshly powdered herbs and carefully place it into the bowl. It is critical to proceed slowly. It will be challenging to smoke if you pack it too tightly because you’ll be limiting ventilation. It will also burn the herbs rapidly if you pack them too loosely.

Light the bowl without torching it

Cover the opening hole with your index or thumb if your bubbler has a carb. Then position your mouth over the bubbler’s top opening (the mouthpiece).

Use a lighter to ignite your bowl the same way you would a glass bong or pipe. Place the flame softly on the side of the stuffed bowl. It’s important to do this at an angle to burn only a portion of the bud at a time and get more flavorful hits.

Make sure you are utilizing the carb while you light the bubbler. Then, all you have to do is gently inhale. There ought to be a subtle bubbling sound.

Wipe it clean

 When your session is finished, make sure to drain out the water. The bubbler should then be rinsed with clean water and allowed to air dry. Performing proper maintenance is simple and essential.

After that, wash it with some warm water. To access the difficult-to-reach areas, it would be perfect if you could utilize pipe cleaners.


Bubblers are perfect for a nice weekend, particularly with friends. You can see how easy it is to use a glass bubbler. You’ll enjoy a chill and soothing set in no time. Therefore, you can buy a high-quality yet reasonably priced bubbler and start the party.

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