What Are the Top Free VIN Check Services in 2023?

great VIN check services

Every automobile built in the United States is given a unique number called a vehicle identification number, or VIN. In the case of vandalism or an accident, the VIN is utilized to authenticate the vehicle. It also allows you to keep track of safety updates such as recalls.

A car’s VIN, consisting of 17 characters, may be seen in several locations. Law enforcement personnel utilize the VIN to locate stolen vehicles. Hence, you must carefully request the seller for the VIN if you purchase a used vehicle. Finally, you may learn more about the vehicle using a VIN decoder like VinPit. However, do you know of any other great VIN check services?

Part 1: What is Included in a Vehicle Report?

Before we get into these great VIN checker tools, we need to figure out what a vehicle report is for?  An automobile’s past owners, mileage readings, operational problems, damage, collisions, and repairs are just a few details that may be found in a vehicle history record. One is commonly available on the internet or at select auto dealerships.

The background of a car may be revealed in painstaking depth by a vehicle history report, but you must also have the car examined and driven to ensure it isn’t a jalopy. VIN decoder from VinPit is one of the experts. You can know every detail about your car in the vehicle report with just a few clicks.

just a few clicks

Let’s scrutinize a few of the essential details contained in a car history report:

History of accidents and destruction

The vehicle history report must include information on any significant collisions or flood damage the car has had. You may use this information to decide if the automobile is still suitable for driving.

Odometer figures

The most current odometer value for the car should be included in the report. Whenever you check the vehicle’s odometer, if that number doesn’t reflect what it reads, it may have been reversed by the seller. This is a deal-breaker.

Service background and recall alerts

You may get a sense of how effectively the previous owners managed a car by looking at the maintenance records.

If the car has any active recalls that you might need to handle, that information should also be included in the document.

Part 2: The Importance of a Vehicle History Report

When purchasing or selling an automobile, a vehicle history report is essential. Understanding the history of your automobile might help you estimate its valuation more accurately, which could raise the market value you can get for it. Additionally, it will help you choose the correct pricing and respond to any inquiries from prospective buyers.

Consequently, they are more inclined to buy it from you as the ongoing data flow enables them to create a fulfilling domestic purchase.

Screening hidden damage

Even when a car has occasionally been wrecked, it may be challenging to spot the fixes. With a comprehensive check, even seasoned automotive technicians might be able to identify each issue.

By looking at its record, you can find out if the car you’re thinking about has been in a collision. You may be able to determine the damage’s extent and position by looking at records that specify if the airbags were activated.

Check the mileage

The predicted mileage of the car represents one of the most crucial details presented in a history report. If the recorded hours on the report and the distance on the odometer match, that should be obvious. Otherwise, if there is a significant disparity, you must understand that the odometer has meddled.

Part 3: The top 12 free VIN check services

#1 – VinPit

You can conduct a robust VIN check by state, automobile brand, and manufacturer through VinPit, which provides both license plate and VIN lookup.

#2 – VINNumberLookup

Your whole VIN search history is kept private and untraceable if you use this VIN lookup platform.

#3 – NICB

It’s a non-profit company striving to lower insurance crime and fraud prevalence. It is among the most reliable places to get a free automobile record.

#4 – Bumper

This top-notch VIN lookup service lets you purchase cars apart from VIN search, as the marketplace is loaded with pre-owned and second-hand cars of several models.

#5 – NHTSA

You can conduct innumerable VIN searches with NHTSA.

#6 – VinCheckFree

You will obtain a car’s previous image, recall, title, and theft details through a free VIN checkup.

#7 – AutoCheck

You can get a comprehensive report on the car’s security rankings, odometer readings, and more for free by searching through AutoCheck.

#8 – VINCheck.info

With this professional tool, you can acquire detailed and accurate vehicle history reports.

#9 – Carfax

It provides premium buyback guarantees; hence, it’s considered top for cross-border VIN checks.

#10 – VehicleHistory

It’s an affordable alternative to Carfax offering free vehicle history online checks.

#11 – iSeeCars

This VIN check platform provides detailed insights into selling new and second-hand cars quickly.

#12 – VINCheckPro

Users may demand personal information and data about automobile owners, which is a remarkable marketing point.

Part 4: How to Discover Information in a Free Vehicle History Report?

VHR, aka a vehicle history report, is a declaration that provides details on the possession and maintenance history of a particular vehicle. This might be a handy tool if you’re considering buying a secondhand automobile. The best ways to discover details in a free vehicle history report are shown below:

●      Find a car’s VIN

The VIN for your automobile may be found in a few areas. The VIN is imprinted on a label and attached to different sections of the vehicle in addition to being mentioned in the guide and on a number of important papers. You need to examine the driver-side door jamb, the front edge of the engine block, the area beneath the spare tire, and the back wheel well.

●      Choose a service

Many digital services provide basic VHRs for free. You need to run your report copy with a trustworthy and dependable provider, like VinPit, if you consider buying a VHR.

Car companies and auto marketplaces rely on it as a credible automotive data source. This will enable you to evaluate the business and get comfortable with the website’s layout before investing in a full VHR.

Many dealerships will include a link to a complimentary VinPit VHR report with a used car listing. On VinPit’s website, you can also make a used automobile inquiry. Every offer includes a free VHR.


VinPit offers a trustworthy and cost-free VIN lookup service. It is legitimate and gives accurate reports containing all the essential details about a used car. Vehicle history records are becoming an integral component of buying a secondhand automobile. They make your hunt for a used automobile much more straightforward and are among the most excellent methods for discovering a specific car’s history.

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