Utilizing Social Media Analytics to Make Marketing Decisions

Social Media Analytics

Social media is constantly evolving and changing. What used to work this week may not work next week. The only way to know what’s working is to have a good social media analytics tool that can tell you the numbers. Businesses often don’t even know how to extract valuable information from their analytics because they were not designed for social media use. This article will give you a brief overview of how companies can utilize social media analytics to make marketing decisions.

Use it to Measure the Effectiveness of your Marketing Efforts

The most effective forms of marketing are those that are measurable. What metric is the most important to your company? Twitter analytics offers information on how effective your Twitter marketing has been. Facebook’s Insights feature has information on what content is being shared, showing you which ads are working and which have not worked well. It will also tell you what people are saying about your page and what drives interaction on these pages buy cheap instagram views.

Track Who is Influencing your Customer Base

Analytics can show which users have the most influence over your customer base. As you create marketing campaigns, you may want to work with influential users instead of those who are not. These can be used for lead generation and building brand advocates.

Achieve Greater Reach with Better Analytics

If your social media marketing has been lacking in performance, chances are that reaching more people will improve your results. Analytics give you a better idea of what works and is not. If a campaign has been successful, social media analytics will tell you which trends are occurring and give you ideas on how to make it work. When trends are not working, analytics will give you information on what campaign has the potential to succeed.

Better Targeting Means Better Results

Analytics might be able to help your company reach new audiences or expand the reach of your current audience. For example, using Facebook Custom Audiences, you can use similar parameters for reaching the same audience on other endpoints and get more accurate results. Better targeting means reaching users interested in your product or service without costing you more money on the campaign itself.

Tailor Your Marketing to Specific Users

If a marketing campaign has been successful, analytics will give you the data to understand what users are responding well to and what users are not responding well to. From there, you can create specific campaigns for certain groups of people without spending as much money as you would for a mass marketing message. Specific user targeting can be used to increase sales and build brand awareness.

Social Media Analytics can Allow You to Measure the ROI of Your Marketing Efforts

Analytics can tell you what marketing tactics are working and which are not while also allowing you to calculate a return on investment (ROI). Many companies use social media analytics to determine the effectiveness of their social media marketing efforts. If a marketing campaign is not showing any results, then it is better to stop spending money on that campaign and find another one that works. If a campaign has shown results, you should continue spending your money on that particular campaign.

About NetbaseQuid

NetbaseQuid is a company that helps businesses to understand consumer and market trends by analyzing social media. It offers a plan that includes several advanced features. Netbase understands that data is the new oil and helps businesses gain better market knowledge to drive their business forward effectively.

Ultimately, social media analytics is one of the best ways that you can use to stay on top of your company’s marketing efforts. Use this information to create better campaigns and get better results. Analytics help you avoid wasting money on campaigns that don’t work and provide better insight into what message works best for your audience.

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