Top places to live in Pinehurst, NC

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Perhaps you are considering relocating to Pinehurst, a 16,000-person hamlet in North Carolina that is hip and traditional. It is regarded as a second home by its inhabitants. Pinehurst, one of the best places in North Carolina to raise a family, is well renowned for its golf resorts and other outdoor activities.

Depending on your relocation objectives, Pinehurst has a variety of housing options that can accommodate your professional, marital, or financial needs. If you wish to retire in a chic and upscale village community, moving to Pinehurst is a fantastic decision.

5 best places to live in Pinehurst

  1. Hampshire Lane

Hampshire is one of the greatest places to enjoy moving to Pinehurst since it combines the countryside, city, and seaside. It is a fun place to live and work and is situated on the south coast. On a cold weekend afternoon, you can enjoy a great time with your lover, friends, or family in this rural community. Beside one another are the Woolmer Copse and Prince Phillip Park. The fact that Hampshire has decent transit options both inside and outside of the town are major reasons why you will appreciate living there.

  1. Cumberland 

Consider moving to Pinehurst if you want to take advantage of the tranquility of a rural setting and the simple possibility to acquire a home because there are many homes available for sale. The majority of Cumberland residents own their houses, and the city offers many parks where you can relax and have fun, especially on Fridays and Saturdays when there is live entertainment, shopping, and dining options. 

There are many amiable individuals, excellent institutions of learning, and extremely safe public and private spaces. There are numerous trekking fields, rivers that run through the city, and plenty of natural beauty in Cumberland.

  1. Abbottsford 

Abbottsford is another desirable neighborhood in Pinehurst if you’re thinking about moving there. The vast metropolis of Abbotsford makes you feel content and at peace. Hiring a professional Moving Company to provide Professional full-service moving in the Pinehurst areas of North Carolina is one method to ensure that you can settle down properly and easily. No matter your salary, you can live in this town in southwest Canada with a lifestyle that is less expensive than the average American household income. This would be the perfect area to go skiing, fishing, swimming, and hiking.

  1. Amboy 

If you intend living in Pinehurst, Amboy is yet another fantastic location to relocate to. It is a town with a rich cultural past that exudes a unique metropolitan vibe and offers a wealth of services, recreational opportunities, and entertainment. You’ve come to the perfect location if you prefer fine cuisine. 

You may choose from a variety of menu items like seaweed salad, shrimp, chicken, and a variety of grilled meats that are slowly roasted over a charcoal fire and served with rice. Amboy’s overall cost of living is 25.1% cheaper than the national average. Residents benefit from extremely good affordability rates. Perth Amboy’s healthcare costs are 1% less than the national average.

  1. Asheville

Asheville is one of the other best cities in which to reside in Pinehurst. It is a wonderful metropolis with all the amenities and activities of a large city, including fantastic restaurants. This wonderful city is close to its regional airport, making it simple for you to enter and exit the city promptly. There are lots of coffee shops in Asheville where you may hang out with friends and family. 

Many elites congregate there to read at bookstores and libraries, creating a vibrant sense of community. It boasts a vibrant job market and opportunity as the 12th most populated city in North Carolina, offering a range of job options from healthcare to technology.

4 reasons to live in Pinehurst, NC

  1. Golf and recreational opportunities of the highest classWith over 40 golf resorts within 15 kilometers of the Village, the opportunities for golfing are practically endless.
  2. Pinehurst is a lively place to live– There are three parks there, as well as a water park that was recently completed, a golf course, football fields, a sand volleyball court, and basketball courts.
  3. North Carolina’s safest city– Moving to Pinehurst is advised if you place a high value on security because there are only 11 violent crimes reported per year in the NC area, which is far less than the national average.
  4. Lower tax rates-Moore County’s property tax rate is the lowest among the nine bordering counties ($0.55 per $100 of value).

Final Thoughts

Pinehurst is a wonderful location to live. It’s a fantastic place to reside in the US because of its rich cultural legacy and affordable cost of living. With affordable housing, a low unemployment rate, and enviable healthcare facilities, it is a great place for every type of lifestyle, especially for singles and young professionals who want affordable housing and short commutes into the downtown area.

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