Tip: Keep Hidden Notes Private

Keep Hidden Notes Private

You just found some data about a precursor that you need to report, however, you realize there are some relatives that will have a tantrum about it. How would you archive that data, yet have the option to distribute your genealogical record without sharing that data? The response is with private notes.

Private notes are accessible any place you want to enter a note: an individual note, a family note, or an occasional note. Feel free to enter your note similarly as you typically would, regardless of whether it contained something you weren’t exactly prepared to share.

At the point when you print the note in a report (like the story report here), the note will print precisely as you entered it, including the data you might want to keep hidden (you can tap on the picture beneath to see it better).

So this is the way to privatize that data. Simply encompass the text you might want to keep hidden with wavy sections {these things}. Notice beneath we put them around the text about the cousin being excessively tipsy to convey to the child. You can see that it isn’t going big or going home… you can put the supports around any text covered inside the note, or around the absolute note. You might in fact place supports around more than one thing in a solitary note if you have numerous things you need to keep hidden.

Whenever you have added supports around the private text, you can pick in any report that prints notes, or while making a GEDCOM document, to have that private text included or eliminated. For instance, while printing a story report, click the Choices button…

then on the Choices screen, you will see two things for you to pick how to deal with the text between supports. The first “Incorporate private note” allows you to pick the choice about whether to print or commodity that text. The subsequent choice “Strip { } sections” is utilized when you Truly do incorporate the notes. Assuming you check that choice while printing the private notes, RootsMagic will eliminate the supports so they don’t stand apart around the private text.

Here is the equivalent report as above with the private notes rejected. RootsMagic has totally eliminated any text (counting spaces) encompassed by the wavy supports.

So the following time you coincidentally find data you’re not prepared to share yet, utilize this tip to monitor the data while keeping it hidden simultaneously.

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