Rent A Sprinter Van In Houston With A Chauffeur For Your Group Travelling

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Are you going to Houston with your fellows or a group of your family members at weekend or for some special purpose? Have you thought about your travel to Houston? Are you looking for a dependable luxury houston mercedes sprinter transportation near me? It’s not a matter of worry as sprinter van rental in Houston with a driver is offering its services 24/7 a day.

There are many famous international companies such as Niklos drilling company, norAm drilling company, NASA  and some others. Different business sessions and seminars are held day by day, therefore CEOs and employees travel in the form of groups to attend them.

Group travelling with sprinter van rental is so much more exciting and convenient than other rideshare services. Many rental companies and online rideshare apps such as uber offer vans for group travelling but they are not recommended due to several reasons.

Passenger Van Rental In Houston Tx With A Chauffeur

For a group of 10 to 15 people, limo car service is not effective as it cost you very high. Passenger van rental in Houston is the best solution for your group travelling and it has a fleet of 10 passengers,14 passengers and 15 passenger vans.

All our luxury houston mercedes sprinter transportation are the latest models available in the city and are equipped with the latest technology and facilities. There are a lot of new features added in new versions which increases their dependability.

We offer sprinter van rental with driver and without chauffer facility to our valued clients and they choose whatever they like. Luxury van rental with a driver is beneficial if you are a busy person and didn’t have enough time to drive.

Also with group travel, you have to enjoy your journey and by driving a sprinter van rental yourself, you could not enjoy it perfectly. Most of the non-profit organisations and large companies hire our services permanently for their business travelling of their employees. Now we go through some features of Mercedes van rental in Houston with a driver.

Features Of Luxury Sprinter Van Rental

Features Of Luxury Sprinter Van Rental

         ·            Clean vehicles

Health is a great blessing and sprinter van rental cares a lot about the health of our customers. All the vehicles of our company are properly washed and cleaned. Additionally, many of our sprinter van rentals have beautiful led lightning and an outstanding sound system that makes anywhere a fun time. Our chauffeurs are fully trained to handle all sorts of difficulties you may face while your journey.

         ·            Stable internet connection

Our sprinter van rental has a strong wifi connection to connect our passengers all over the world. Without an internet connection, a person cuts off from the whole world. In a luxury sprinter van rental you can watch your favourite movies, songs, dramas and news channels. You can also check your current location and route as all the vans have GPS technology.

         ·            Spacious vehicles

All of our vehicles are spacious and have large space to accommodate all your important suitcases and other important luggage. There are 2.5 feet of cargo space available for your suitcase and luggage placement.

The seats of passenger van rental are wider usually there are 67 inches of space between two seats and you can easily place your suitcase and luggage.

A passenger van rental comes with a 9-15 seating capacity. Depending upon the luxury van rental you can put seven to fifteen airbags inside the van with comfort.

         ·            Pure leather seats

All the seats are made up of pure leather which offers flexibility and softness more than others. Pure leather is costly so some passenger van rentals use synthetic leather which is less effective and it also less flexible and soft.

All the seats are moveable and you can move your seat in any direction where you want. By stretching your seats you can easily extend your legs as they have space between them.

         ·            Always on time

Rent a sprinter van that reaches your current location just in a few minutes and takes you in luxury style. Our drivers are mostly from the same city, therefore, they know all the shortcuts and routes that help to reach the destination quickly.

In some situations, you may stick in huge traffic but with the driver, you need not worry as all drivers know how to solve these types of problems. So, they take you to your required destination on time without a single minute late. Once you hire a sprinter van rental service, you will definitely never regret upon your decision.

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