Parisian revenue-based financing platform Silvr produces €130 million

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Parisian revenue-based financing platform Silvr has raised €130 million in a Series A round, with the capital to be used to further develop the “operating System for financing digital companies” with the firm planning to recruit 100 employees over the coming year.

Now, before we get too excited and start throwing around words like “number 1” and ‘largest fundraising operation in the Revenue Based Financing (RBF) sector in Continental Europe” and “imported into Europe Revenue Based Financing, the “next big thing”” (all terms the company chose to use in the news release) let’s take a step back and note that this €130 million is comprised of €18 million in equity funding and €112 million in debt funding.

As I’ve mentioned in previous revenue-based financing announcements, there’s a ton of money floating around the tech ecosystem these days. If you’re after hard numbers, I direct you to my colleague Andrii’s awesome breakdowns (TL:DR the European fintech scene had a banner year, raking in some €25 billion across almost 800 VC deals), but overall, one trend has become increasingly clear, it’s a buyers market. And by buyers, I mean startups.

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