Is A Tattoo Numbing Cream Effective?

Tattoo Numbing Cream

When any tattoo artist suggests a tattoo numbing cream or spray to their clients, they often have this question. does tattoo numbing cream work? People are always skeptical about numbing creams and sprays.

It is because people always think that a mere spray or cream can’t reduce the pain they feel while getting tattooed. They also hear incidents where people have felt a huge amount of pain even after applying a tattoo numbing cream or spray. Some cases of side effects and allergies have also been there in the past.

Due to such reasons, most people are afraid of using a tattoo numbing cream or spray to ease their pain. Some facts will shatter all these misconceptions about tattoo-numbing creams and sprays.

Meaning of a tattoo numbing cream

tattoo numbing cream is a type of local anesthetic. It means that it is a type of medication that can desensitize your skin for a short period. Once that time is over, your skin will gain its sensitivity again. Hence, if you think that a tattoo numbing cream or spray will permanently desensitize your hand, you are wrong.

A tattoo numbing cream has some ingredients in it which can block nerve signals. Thus, when you apply a tattoo numbing cream on a specific part of your skin, no nerve signals will be able to reach the brain from that area of your skin. Since no signals can reach your brain, you will not feel anything in that part of your body.

Hence, if you are skeptical about the effectiveness of tattoo-numbing creams and sprays, do not be. These numbing creams and sprays work perfectly fine if they are used correctly.

However, if applied in the wrong way, it might lead to some discomfort. If you have sensitive skin or a rare skin type, it might also lead to side effects and skin allergies. Hence, you have to be very careful while applying a tattoo numbing cream or spray on any part of your body.

Just like a numbing spray, a numbing cream can also be used for other processes like surgeries and skin alterations. Thus, a tattoo numbing cream is not limited to the process of tattooing but can be used for other purposes.

However, a tattoo numbing cream is not the only way of numbing the skin. Some people also use tattoo-numbing gels to desensitize their skin before getting tattooed.

But if you want to go for the safest and easiest method of skin desensitization, you should choose numbing creams over anything else. Numbing creams are the safest numbing agents. If you use numbing creams for desensitization, the risk of allergies and side effects automatically minimizes.

Plus, tattoo-numbing creams are more effective than other numbing agents. Local anesthetics like numbing creams and sprays are only effective on the first few layers of the skin.

So when the needle of the tattoo gun penetrates these few layers of the skin and reaches deeper into your skin, you start feeling the pain. However, to avoid this you can use a tattoo numbing cream.

The tattoo artist can easily desensitize deeper layers of your skin by gently rubbing the tattoo-numbing cream on your skin. This way the skin will be able to absorb the tattoo-numbing cream. The effectiveness of the cream will also increase significantly.

Thus, if you want a less painful tattooing experience you should use a numbing cream over any other local anesthetic. Not just the pain of the needle, but numbing creams also help in reducing the fear or anxiety of the pain.

If you want to make your tattooing experience even more comfortable, you should use a numbing cream that has a higher amount of lidocaine. Lidocaine is an ingredient that plays a huge role in the desensitization of the skin. Thus, if you use a tattoo numbing cream with a high amount of lidocaine, your experience will be less painful.

Various uses of a tattoo numbing cream

A numbing cream can be used for more than one purpose. But generally, a numbing cream is used while tattooing and other beauty treatments.

Numbing creams are widely used before the process of tattooing. It is because the sharp needle of a tattoo gun can cause a lot of pain when it scratches our skin to fill the ink in it. Even though the pain is not intolerable, some people find it very difficult to sit still during this process.

At times when the tattoo is very big, it might take more than a couple of hours to finish the tattoo. Tolerating a constant amount of pain for such a long time becomes almost impossible for most of us.

In other situations where people want to get a tattoo on some of the most sensitive parts of their body, the pain can multiply. Parts of our skin that are more sensitive have more nerve endings. Thus, the signal of pain that the brain receives from such areas is more intense and quicker.

Yet some other people are anxious about the pain. Even though they eagerly want to have a tattoo, they are not able to let go of their fear of pain.

In all these situations, a numbing cream can help. By using a tattoo numbing cream one can have a big tattoo without tolerating the pain for hours. The effect of a tattoo numbing cream lasts for 1-2 hours.

After a couple of hours, the skin starts to regain its sensitivity. Thus, for big tattoos and longer tattooing sessions, numbing creams are applied multiple times. After every application of the numbing cream, the skin has to be left untouched for 15 minutes. It is done so that the skin can absorb the cream and get desensitized properly.

Similarly, by applying the numbing cream on sensitive areas, the pain can be reduced if not eliminated. Keep in mind that not all types of tattoo numbing creams are suitable for sensitive areas of our skin. However, Need To Be Numb numbing cream can be applied to sensitive areas of our skin.

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