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HTML formatter

It also makes less valued or ugly HTML an attractive HTML. Moreover, it is used to create multiple web pages. It is the most preferred language globally to manage or design websites.

Sometimes, it becomes challenging to compose an HTML as there are multiple tags at starting or ending point. An HTML formatter helps to arrange the HTML exactly so even a person who knows this language very little can understand it. 

Different tags are here that help you to format your HTML. These are 

Physical tags– Give a visual appearance to the text  

Logical tags– Use to add the logical values 

Features of HTML formatter 

Free of cost 

You dont need to pay any charges for using this fantastic tool as it is free of cost. It allows you to beautify your code without paying spending money. 

Available on all devices 

No matter what device you want to use the tool. It is available on all devices, including Android, iPhone, Mac, Windows, and Linux. 

No need to install any specific application 

You can install the specific software or application to use this helpful tool. Although the tool is free to use, you need a strong internet connection to use an HTML formatter to beautify your HTML format. 

Save to use 

The tool’s best feature is that it never saves your data and does not share it with others. After completing your work, the data automatically removes from the tool’s server after some time when you leave the tool. 

Why is there a need to beautify your HTML? 

Sometimes, the lines of HTML need to be longer, and it becomes hard to understand them properly. It will also impact professionals’ skills negatively. The HTML formatter helps to divide these lines into portions and beautify these formats more attractively. 

How is HTML formatter help in beautifying the Html? 

  • Arranges the HTML code in a way that all the tags are managed properly
  • It allows you to get the best results with the SEO formatting method 
  • Increases your credibility by giving your code an attractive or professional look 
  • Increase the readability of the code 
  • Manage the code without too much effort 
  • Allows developers to find their part from HTML code 

How to use an HTML formatter? 

The tool is straightforward to use. You dont need to learn many skills and techniques to use this but before using the formatter, keep the following instructions in your mind. 

  • After landing on the content section, a box will appear. 
  • Click the upload button and upload the HTML file 
  • You can also paste the URL 
  • Upload by URL helps you to get your desired HTML file by pasting the URL 
  • Click the format HTML button to get your file 
  • You will get the desired formatting results within a few seconds 

Working on an HTML formatter 

The tool uses Javascript formatting, which can easily format the code. The formatting library uses many expressions on the HTML code source, which matches the code. After it, there is an addition of appropriate indentations and wrapping up of the lines. It also removes the additional lines. 

Data security is the utmost priority of the HTML formatter, and it is very safe to use. The tool will neither save any data on its server nor show it to others. Moreover, it offers an excellent option to format the HTML perfectly and make it easy for users to read the code easily. Html formatter also preserves the empty spaces between different tags. 

Purpose of Html formatter 

  • Regarding web designing, Html is one of the preferred languages to use. Professionals use it to create different web pages.
  • Assists the users in understanding the code without any hassle
  • It allows you to get results instantly.
  • Improves the professional’s skills 
  • It reduces your need to install any software or seek the services of a professional to change your text into HTML.
  • With HTML formatter, you dont need to buy any premium account to get the basic HTML 

Final words 

Html formatter is an excellent tool that helps you to improve your HTML and beautify it. Moreover, it also allows readers who know basic HTML to understand this format easily. You can use the formatter without investing too much money. With its multiple features, it is highly demanded by the majority of users. 


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