Today’s generation loves kratom products, especially Kratom powder, due to its benefits. People always buy Kratom powder in bulk but do not know how to store it properly. If you are a person who buys Kratom powder, then read this article to know how you should store Kratom powder properly so that it can remain potent for a longer duration.

Kratom powder may quickly degrade if it is not in an ideal storage condition. It may lead to the wastage of money and degraded quality of Kratom powder. The good news is that adequately storing Kratom powder is not problematic. So, what are you waiting for? Read this article and keep Kratom powder properly without any extra effort.


Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) is a tree located in Southeast Asia. Kratom leaves are harvested and dried, then crushed into a fine powder. The origin of Kratom leaves decides the conditions and overall shelf life of Kratom powder. Due to this factor, it is essential to store Kratom powder optimally and properly

The experts advise using Kratom within three months of harvesting the leaves. The compounds are most active and concentrated in the first three months. However, with proper storage conditions, you may increase the potency and concentration of your Kratom powder. The research in the area of Kratom is at a niche level. So, to know more about Kratom, you should visit the double m herbals website.

Double M Herbals provides extensive lists of trusted vendors from whom you can buy authentic Kratom products. So, let us begin with how to store Kratom powder properly.


  1. Light
  2. Temperature
  3. Odor
  4. Oxygen
  5. Moisture


Fresh Kratom powder starts degrading fast if you are not storing it properly. So, read this article and understand how you should keep it.

Store Kratom Powder in an airtight container

Kratom is very much sensitive to the outside world. Hence, it is essential to preserve it in a tight container. If Kratom powder comes in contact with the air, it may become moist and less concentrated. The alkaloid concentration changes if the container in which the Kratom powder is stored is not tightly closed. So, always be careful that you are closing the container tightly.

Store Kratom Powder in an airtight container

Store Kratom Powder in a dry manner and away from sunlight

If you expose the Kratom powder to oxygen and sunlight, then it will cause clumping of the powder. The consistency and potency of Kratom powder start reducing if you are not storing it in an airtight container.

The prime reason for avoiding it from the sunlight is that sunlight may lead to the breaking down of Kratom powder. You should not use that container if a small leak allows moisture. So, keep it closed, i.e., away from oxygen and sunlight. You may store it in dark glass jars or dark-colored tins. Holding Kratom powder in this manner will not hamper its potency.

Store Kratom Powder at a stable temperature

If you are storing Kratom Powder at a substantial temperature, then you may see that it will start condensing. You may keep it at a consistently cool temperature. Your Kratom Powder must be chilled. So, always keep Kratom powder in an area, not just on the cooler side (at least under 70F).

Refrigerating the Kratom powder is not at all advisable. Refrigerating may lead to a reduction in the shelf life of Kratom powder. So, it would be best if you do not freeze Kratom powder.

Store Kratom Powder away from the moisture

If you keep Kratom powder in the open, you are degrading its shelf life. So, it would be best if you never allowed Kratom powder to come in contact with the moisture. Your Kratom powder will survive for a long time with good potency if you keep it dry.

Store Kratom powder away from excessive oxygen

Oxygen can oxidize your Kratom powder which may result in its degradation. So, always try to store it in a container with the bare minimum of oxygen. You may consider storing it in vacuum-sealed bags as it will reduce the contact of oxygen with Kratom powder.

Store Kratom Powder away from strong odors

Kratom is an organic substance; hence it changes according to the environment provided to it. So, you should be very careful to keep it away from things or foods that have a smell. The taste of Kratom Powder may change if you keep it near the strong odors. So, store it in a place far from odoriferous foods like onions, cooked meat, or garlic bread.

Use different containers to store other items. Do not ever store your Kratom powder with other dietary supplements, as it will decay the quality of the powder. So, these are some factors you must keep in mind for storing the Kratom powder.


Kratom is a product that everyone loves. So, people tend to buy it in bulk. But they do not know how to store it properly. So, they end up spoiling their money and Kratom because they keep it improperly, degrading Kratom’s efficiency. It is imperative that kratom shelf life is known while buying kratom.

Everyone wants to get the most out of the purchase of Kratom. So, by keeping all the factors discussed in this article, you can store premium Kratom powder properly. If you are a beginner wondering which Kratom is best for you, then you must check out Double M Herbals, as it is a forum that helps you decide the best Kratom for you.

It is always advisable to take Kratom in a low dose. You must consult your doctor for the ideal amount. Avoid carrying heavy doses as it may lead to effects like nausea and headache. So, what are you waiting for? Order Kratom Powder for yourself and do not forget to store it properly by following the above factors.

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