How to Make Your 4-Room HDB Interior Design Feel Lived In

4-Room HDB Interior Design

The HDB apartment is a ubiquitous aspect of life in Singapore. It is the primary residence of many newlyweds, and for some, it may be their only residence.

We’ve seen living rooms transformed into Supergirl lairs and kitchens designed to resemble walk-in closets, but if you want your flat to feel more ‘lived in,’ here are some tips you may not have considered!

Occasionally, however, these apartments can feel like nothing more than cages with walls.

Learn how to make your 4-room HDB interior design feel more lived-in without spending too much time or money by reading on!

Add plants everywhere!

Plants are the ideal method to make your four-room home feel cosier.

They can immediately add vitality and personality to a space, particularly if they are in adorable pots. Additionally, plants are beneficial to health, making this a win-win circumstance!

You can also acquire various vegetation types; select those you feel most familiar with caring for. If you tend to neglect plant care, consider sowing succulents or cacti, which require less attention.

If your apartments are on the lower floors facing east or west or have balconies, position taller plants in these areas so they do not block natural light.

To avoid direct sunlight, plants should always be placed on the east/west side of the apartment, as this is the direction from which the sun rises and sets.

In conclusion, plants can make your 4-room HDB interior design feel more like home and are also quite affordable.

A houseplant will not only introduce nature into your home but also function as an air purifier by removing mould spores and other common household allergens, such as canine dander and dust mites, from the air.

Stack textures.

Consider diverse materials (wool carpets versus hardwood flooring), table sizes (larger versus smaller), and even colour (blacks, whites, and greys versus reds, greens, and blues).

Instead of selecting flat matte paint for the entire area, choose semi-gloss to give depth or sheen to specific areas of the room (such as the tabletop or wall shelf) when repainting your interiors.

Because it is more durable, semi-gloss paint is also preferable if you have children roaming around the house.

Nonetheless, if you choose matte coatings, ensure no pointed edges could injure your little angels! If practicable, layer textures whenever possible.

For instance, add rugs to the flooring. Add various upholstery types to your chairs and sofas. Use tablecloths with distinct fabrics from the tabletop (silk versus cotton, for example).

Layering textures will make your home feel cosier without requiring too much time or effort.

Utilise the wall space!

Wall space in HDB apartments can be quite limited, as they typically come in small and large sizes.

If you have an unoccupied wall, it does not have to serve only as a decorative feature.

Here are some suggestions you may not have considered:

  • Add pin boards for use as a message board or bulletin board.
  • Hang keys, jackets, and umbrellas.
  • Place pictures and calendars on the Pinboard to keep track of information, schedule appointments, or simply to display your family.
  • Add a map on your Pinboard!

If you have a large vacant wall facing west or east, place long furniture, such as benches, along it to create planted dividers between living areas.

You could also add racks above this bench to display artefacts, such as statues, stones, and works of art.

This creates additional storage space and adds colour and variety to your household!

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