How to Boost Online Blackjack Winning Odds?


Blackjack is the world’s best-known casino banking game. However, it’s not your typical game of luck. It’s a game where skills go a long way too. There’s no wonder why it’s often called one of the rare beasts in casinos, whether land-based or online.

The good news is that the casino’s advantage in blackjack is lower than other games. Although their edge is still higher than the players, it’s low enough to be tricked. To increase your winning odds, here are some quick tips for you.

Learn the Basic Blackjack Strategies

Basic blackjack strategies are rules that help you achieve the best winning odds. When things get dicey, following them is also the best approach. They’re derived from a computer simulation, so rest assured that they can guide you to make the best decisions.

It’s important to note that blackjack strategies aren’t designed to help you win all games. Instead, they’re applied to offset your losses. For example, say the built-in house edge hovers around 4%. With these strategies, you can lower it to only 1%.

Here are some examples of blackjack strategies:

1. Always double down on a :

  • Hard 11, except in a multi-deck game;
  • 10 versus any dealer’s upcard of 9 or less
  • Soft 13 through 18 versus the dealer’s upcard of 5 or 6; and
  • Hard 11 versus dealer’s Ace, soft 18 versus dealer’s 2, and soft 19 versus dealer’s 6, especially in an H17 game.

2. Always hit on a:

  • Hard 12 versus a dealer’s upcard of 2 or 3; and
  • Soft 18 versus a dealer’s strong upcards, such as 9, 10, or Ace.

3. Always stand on a:

  • Pair of 2s and 3s versus a dealer’s upcard of 2 or 3;
  • Soft 18 versus dealer’s upcard Ace in a single-deck game with soft 17; and
  • Hard 16 versus a dealer’s upcard of 10.

4. Always split on a:

  • A pair of 8s versus Aces, except if offered with surrender and in a multi-deck game with hard 17.

5. Always never split:

  • A pair of 5s and 10); and
  • A pair of 9s versus a dealer’s upcard of 7.

Whether you’re an amateur or experienced, sticking to the basics is essential in blackjack. Learn all the fundamental strategies, and don’t take them for granted. If you apply them in your game and other smart techniques, your chances of winning will likely increase.

Keep A Blackjack Playing Sheet

There are several blackjack strategies, so it’s understandable if you can’t always keep them in mind. For this reason, keeping a blackjack hands chart is one of the most beneficial actions you can take. This sheet typically relates to the dealer’s upcard, so it can guide when is the perfect opportunity to double down, split, hit, or stand for every possible starting hand.

The blackjack playing chart is basically a cheat sheet, but most casinos allow players to bring it in a land-based casino and refer to it while in a game, so long as they don’t slow down the game. In contrast, online casinos are very open to it. Some of them even posted their suggested sheet on their site. Players only have to download it to play at an optimum level.

Get Familiar With The Tables

Whether online, land-based, or real money blackjack, each blackjack game is never the same. That’s why it helps to familiarize yourself with a certain table to make the right decision. For example, don’t look for a table that requires a dealer to hit a soft 17. It’ll never be profitable on your end. Instead, opt for a table that allows you to surrender a losing hand against the dealer’s stronger upcards.

Don’t Take Blackjack Insurance

Casinos offer players a way to offset their losses, and that’s through a blackjack insurance bet. It’s typically offered when the dealer’s up-card is an Ace and players are about to lose their entire wager.

Although they can act as solid avenues to hedge bets, blackjack insurance bets are practically sucker bets. Even if having the upper hand over the players in blackjack, remember that casinos never offer free lunch. They always make money off every action they take.

In addition, blackjack insurance bets’ odds are against you. Firstly, they don’t justify what you pay for the insurance and its returns. And secondly, based on the law of probabilities, the odds of having blackjack are close to impossible.

Turning down any offer of blackjack insurance bet can keep you in the safe zone. If the dealer ends up making a blackjack, accept it and move on. Take it as one of the natural parts of the game. Instead, keep those chips in your stack, and you’ll likely come out far ahead in the long run.

Final Thoughts

All the odds are against you in casino games. Casinos might enable players to enjoy short temporary wins, but that’s so that players will keep playing and lose even more money. Hence, the simplest way to not lose more money is to stop when you win.

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