How Often Should You Apply Beard Serum?

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Growing facial hair can be frustrating if you are someone who experiences slow hair growth. Most men have to use external products to stimulate their beard growth. The products should have ingredients that target factors that help to promote beard growth in men. A beard serum is a product that stimulates facial hair growth in men. Research has proved that a beard serum works better than any other product when it comes to growing facial hair. However, men should note that before they start using a beard serum, they must take a look at the ingredients and how many times to use the product. Too much or too little of the product will do more harm than good, so one should be careful.

Generally, a beard serum is considered safe because it has no major side effects. Many dermatologists recommend its use for men who cannot grow strong and thick facial hair in less time. Using the product consistently for a prolonged period shows positive results. A beard serum that has minoxidil works better than any other serum available on the market. Use beard serum with minoxidil to see the benefits yourself.

Use beard growth serum and see the magic!

Beard Serum: How often should you apply?

There are many serums available widely that are loaded with chemicals. Avoid their use as much as possible if you do not want to harm the growth of your beard. If you use a beard serum that is loaded with chemicals for a very long time, it will damage the facial hair cells. Minoxidil beard serum specifically targets the facial hair cells in men and stimulates the growth of the beard from within.

Now that we know which beard serum is appropriate for men, it is also important to know how often you should apply the product. Ideally, men should use a beard serum twice daily to see effective results. You can use the product under the advice of a dermatologist because he or she will be able to guide you well. They will understand the pattern of your facial hair growth and tell how often you should apply the serum to witness positive results quickly.

Most men use a beard serum twice daily while following their skincare regime. You will see faster facial hair growth if the ingredients are right and the quantity of the product is correct. You must also apply the beard serum correctly to grow a strong and thick beard. There is a certain technique that everyone must follow while using a beard serum. Your face should be clean and free from all kinds of dirt before applying the serum.

A beard serum is a product that not only stimulates facial hair growth but also moisturizes your skin. You must make sure that the serum should not react with the other products in your skincare routine. If you want the beard serum to show the best results, you must use products that are free from chemicals and parabens.

How to use a beard serum?

Here are the correct steps that every man must follow if they want to apply a beard serum and fasten the process of beard growth:

Clean Your Face

Use a gentle and mild face cleanser to remove all the dirt and accumulated oil on your face. First, wet your face with lukewarm water and then apply the gentle cleanser. Massage the cleanser gently so that all the dirt and pollution get removed effectively. Make sure to get rid of the excess sebum from your face. Now, rinse off the cleanser thoroughly from your face. No facewash should be left on the skin once you wash your face with water.

Pat Dry

Take a towel and gently dry the excess water from your face before applying the serum. You must make sure that your face is completely dry. It is important to note that serum and water do not mix well. Therefore your face should be absolutely dry before applying the beard serum. Do not rub your face vigorously, or it might irritate the skin.

Apply the Serum

After cleaning and patting dry your face, it is time to use the beard serum. Take a small amount of the serum and apply it to your skin. Do not rub the product roughly on your face; otherwise, it will harm the cells. Use a generous amount of serum in the area where the beard will grow. Gently massage the product on your face so that it enters the deeper layers of your skin and stimulates facial hair growth. You can ask your dermatologist about how much quantity of the product you should use each time to promote the growth of a thick beard.

Massage Properly

You should massage the serum properly on your face so that the skin can soak the maximum product. Do not be in a hurry; otherwise, you will end up wasting a lot of serum. You will be able to grow a thick and strong beard if your skin soaks the serum every time. The ingredients will work effectively and help to grow facial hair quickly.

You must be patient and wait for the beard serum to show results. Patience is the key to having a strong and thick beard. Repeat the above-mentioned process twice daily to see the results of using a beard serum. Talk to your dermatologist in case of any problem or confusion.

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