How Does Tea California Residents Drink Help With Weight Loss?

Tea California Residents Drink

When you look at the tea California residents drink as an everyday pick-me-up, you quickly realise that there are literally hundreds of different blends to choose from. Packed with not just caffeine but also health-supporting flavonoids, the variety of tastes and flavors available to be enjoyed is extensive. 

However, did you know that tea can actually help you to lose weight? Of course, the beverage needs to be drunk in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise, but it would seem that if you swap out your daily mocha latte for a cup of tea, it won’t be long until your jeans feel a little bit looser!

How Does the Tea California Residents Drink Boost Weight Loss?

Well, to begin with, the amount of calories in a regular cup of tea is going to be dwarfed by something like a mocha latte with extra cream. In fact, you could save up to 300 calories per day by switching to tea instead. That’s a meaningful difference in your calorie counting, saving you the equivalent of a chocolate bar per cup! 

However, the amount of calories a cup contains is not the only weight loss support you get from tea. Flavonoids – of which tea is abundant – help to speed up your metabolism, leading to the body being able to break down fats faster. 

Let’s take a look at some of the blends that work well…

  • Black Teathis is the type that’s primarily drunk over the pond in the UK, and it’s also the blend that’s most often used to make tasty beverages like iced tea. Offering a rich and strong flavor profile, the polyphenols it contains have been shown in research to possibly stop fat from being absorbed by the intestines.
  • Green Tea – due to the fact that green tea leaves are usually processed by hand, they don’t oxidize and retain much more of the flavonoids mentioned earlier. It’s not a drink that’s suitable for everyone’s constitution, but it is one that tastes great and can lead to an increase in weight loss over a long period of time when combined with exercise and diet. 
  • Oolong Tea – another tea California residents are drawn to is oolong that’s notable for the golden color of the tea that it creates. Again, another tea that’s rich in flavonoids and has been said to accelerate weight loss. It’s only anecdotal evidence, but it’s widespread and consistent.
  • White Tea – with a sweet and light flavor, white tea is one of the least processed you’ll find, and it has also been said to have a weight-trimming effect. 

Which Tea California Residents Enjoy Can Help You?

The particular blend that you choose to help your weight loss will depend on your personal taste. The word ‘tea’ covers a myriad of products that offer a wide range of flavors and sweetnesses. And while the evidence that tea supports weight loss is quite thin on the ground, it does seem to help. 

Just don’t expect tea to help you lose weight on its own. As ever, anything that helps you shift the pounds will normally only work if you also watch what you eat. 

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