Hornady 8327 223 Rounds – A Number of Deer Hunting Benefits

Hornady 8327

When you look at Hornady 8327 .223 rounds, it’s difficult to forget that they were essentially designed to be used by the military in battle, not for hunting animals. Its characteristics ensure that it can take out the target while also being small, light and easy to carry. 

There are a select few hunters that do take .223 rounds with them when hunting, whereas others will pour scorn on the idea of doing so. So, in order to change the minds of those nay-sayers out there, we now look at just a few reasons why you should consider using them when hunting deer. 

223 Rounds Have Come On A LOT! 

You might think that the Hornady 8327 223 round is the same .223 that’s been used since they came out in 1957. However, over the years, ammunition manufacturers have honed these rounds to be more effective, with loads being designed with hunting deer in mind. 

As such, the manufacturers WANT you to use 223 rounds for deer hunting. They can take down a deer and so you shouldn’t feel like you’re doing something wrong by using them for this purpose – no matter how much ridicule might come your way from other hunters.

Their Versatility Saves You Money 

If you happen to also own an AR-15 rifle, then you’ll be pleased to know that they chamber Hornady 8327 223 rounds. This means they can also be used for home-defense purposes – ensuring you don’t have to waste money on completely new rounds for each of your weapons. 

Hunting can be a costly hobby, so everything you can do to reduce that cost will help – particularly at a time when everything seems to be going up in price, right?

Its Performance Is Not to Be Sniffed At 

Leaving the best point until last, what can’t be ignored is the fact that 223 rounds pack quite a punch with minimal recoil. We’re talking about perhaps even five or 6 times less than 270 Winchester rounds, meaning you won’t come home from a hunting trip with a bruised right shoulder! 

Reduced recoil also results in the firer becoming much less likely to flinch at the critical moment. This improves accuracy greatly – even for newbies. You see, hitting a target is always going to cause more damage than if you don’t – regardless of the caliber of bullet you’re using. 

Using Hornady 8327 223 Rounds For Hunting Is a Wise Move

We think we’ve made a pretty compelling argument for choosing .223 rounds for hunting deer, and we’ve not even mentioned the fact that they represent one of the most affordable centerfire options on the market. Top-quality hunting rounds can cost you as much as a couple of bucks per round, whereas, 223s like this come in at around a third of that cost. 

In short, we have a cost-effective round that’s versatile enough to use in a range of different weapons. The fact that it packs enough power to take down deer is the clincher. This truly is a round that deer hunters need to sit up and take notice of. 

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