Best Ways To Boost The Speed Of Your Business Broadband Connection

Business Broadband Connection

A big business house usually depends upon a Leased line for fast and uninterrupted internet connectivity. A broadband connection can suffice internet needs for small businesses, startups and freelancers.

Whatever the type of technology, slow internet speed hampers individual productivity which results in business losses. On the contrary, high-speed internet is a source of competitive advantage for all. If you are experiencing slow broadband, read through to know the best ways to boost the speed of your business broadband connection.

Ways To Boost The Speed Of Your Broadband Connection

Slow broadband speed? Switching to a Leased line is the ideal way out. But in case that seems unviable, here are some ways to boost the speed of your broadband connection. Read on:

Upgrade Your Broadband Connection

Moving onto a higher-speed data plan from the existing internet service provider is the easiest way to boost internet speed. Although by upgrading your broadband connection you’ll commit yourself to a higher cost outflow on a monthly basis, this will come across as a low-cost method as compared to changing internet providers or upgrading to the next-level technology.

Change Your Internet Service Provider

As the internet becomes the lifeline of the economy, numerous internet service providers now throng the marketplace. This has made market competition fierce. Reasonably priced data plans with promotional offers, installation fee waivers and complementary routers and equipment; you can enjoy a full treat. Take advantage of the competitive market to enjoy high-speed internet at a reasonable cost.

Upgrade Your Technology

With fast-paced technological advancements, sticking to the old ways may not appear wise. In comparison to the traditional ADSL (copper) internet lines, fibre broadband is a better technology that offers an average internet speed ranging between 40 – 120 Mbps. If you are unsure if your area is covered by the fibre internet, a quick check with the internet service provider will help.

Upgrade Your Equipment

Routers, modems, POE switches and other networking equipment have also evolved. Sticking around with the old technologies will prohibit you from enjoying the best internet speed despite upgrading to a higher-speed data plan. As modern routers support the latest networking technology, the newer versions have better traffic handling capabilities, ensure higher transfer speeds, are better at bandwidth sharing and have a better range. Thus, upgrading your networking equipment is crucial for experiencing fast internet speed.

Replace Your Cable

If your internet cable is old with some visible damage and cracks, it could be the reason behind your slow connection. Poor quality, damaged and old cables act as leak points. This affects the actual speed that the end-user gets.

Upgrade To A 5G Router

If you thought 5G internet was only for Smartphones, it’s not the case. Investing in a 5G router is an effective way to boost the internet speed of your broadband connection. Also, upgrading to a 5G router is a perfect solution for business houses that cannot switch to Leased lines. In a fixed-line internet where internet speed is a major concern, a 5G spectrum would mean better connectivity, improved speed, and wireless connectivity with reduced load on the fixed-line.

Go For A Wi-Fi Router With Signal Extenders

A good Wi-Fi router will ensure that you get strong signal strength even at a distance. This will help you enjoy a faster speed with fewer interruptions. Installing a separate Wi-Fi signal extender will further enhance the signal strength across the office setup. Do a Wi-Fi survey of your premises to find the optimum placement for the Wi-Fi router and signal booster.

Consider A Complete Wi-Fi Network

While a single router with a Wi-Fi extender will be perfect for small to medium-sized office spaces, large business houses may consider installing a full Wi-Fi network to meet their internet speed requirements. A thoroughly efficient Wi-Fi network will provide a strong signal to all devices. Wi-Fi networks also ensure that the bandwidth is equally distributed among all workstations. This helps give a more seamless Wi-Fi environment across the office space.

Limit Bandwidth Per Device

Limiting bandwidth between devices is an effective way to share your broadband load between devices. As each computer connected to an internet network uses its share of bandwidth, heavy users hog the speed, clogging other systems on the network. This particularly slows down the internet speed of other users. Limiting bandwidth per device can thus ensure that every computer on the network gets its approved bandwidth.

Switch To Wired Ethernet or LAN

Wi-Fi networks often face issues related to range and latency. But wired ethernet connection or LAN is sans such issues. The latter is thus linked to a seamless internet browsing experience with improved efficiency and reduced buffering. So in case you have a small business set up with just one router, go in for a wired broadband connection to boost your internet speed.


Whether it’s a Leased line or broadband connection, a good internet speed is an integral part. By following these simple tips you can fix issues related to slow internet. As every business house is different, it could be a trial and error process before you reach the optimum internet speed at the best possible price.

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