Best Snacks to Take While Chartering a Yacht

Chartering a Yacht

Sailing on a rental yacht is exciting and a lot of fun, and the hunger can set in quickly while doing it. Unless you book a meal package beforehand, carrying snacks along during your trip is recommended as it is easy to work up an appetite onboard. In this article, take a look at some feasible snack options for your upcoming yacht charter trip.

Food not to take while yachting

Whether you choose to sail on a yacht during the day or night, there are certain types of food you need to avoid taking along with you. Take a look at the don’ts of snacking during a yacht trip below to avoid food-related hassles onboard. 

Brightly colored beverages

It is essential to stay hydrated throughout your charter trip. But when it comes to drinks, it is recommended not to carry ones that are brightly colored, such as Kool-Aid. This is because beverages have a chance of spilling onboard, and the ones with bright colors can leave a stain. 

Note that a reputed yacht rental Dubai company offers water and soft drinks as part of your yacht trip. Therefore, unless you have any specific requirements, the crew will take care of your hydration needs. 

Food that is prone to spilling

Like with beverages, it is necessary to avoid bringing food that spills easily. This is particularly vital because the sea can be unpredictable; the waves can get you rocking back and forth onboard. Examples include watery salsa dips, soup, curries, and creamy pasta dishes.

Snacks that melt easily

Yachting during the day is a good idea since you can enjoy views of the blue sea surrounding you. However, it can get quite sunny during the day, so melty food becomes a problem.

This includes chocolate and candy, which causes a major mess when they melt. Similarly, carrying popsicles, ice cream bars, or cones for a day-long yachting trip is a bad idea, even if you bring a cooler. 

Keep this in mind when you rent a yacht in Dubai since it gets warm during the day during both summer and winter. 

Best snack options for a charter trip with friends and family

If you are planning to travel on a yacht with your friends or family, packing one or a few of the following snacks is a good idea. 

Cheese and meat cut platter in a cooler

This is a good option if there are several adults onboard. It is an easy snack to prepare and serve that many people love. Keep it in a cooler at all times, or it might get spoiled. 

Fresh fruits

While sailing on a yacht during the day, serving fresh fruits is a great way to keep everyone refreshed. You can pack ones that are easy to pass around and eat. This includes apples, bananas, pears, and mandarin oranges. 

Pre-made salad

For people who are watching their weight and health even while on vacation, taking salads along is a good idea. You can prepare them beforehand in separate containers and store them in your cooler to make things easier. Carry dressings that don’t spill easily, and you are all set. 

Dried meat

This is a popular option because it is easy to carry, tastes good, and is rich in protein. You can pass it along easily among your guests with no hassle. The best choices include beef jerky, dried turkey, salmon, and more. 


A sandwich is easy to prepare and is highly filling, making it a great option for a yacht trip. Use an assortment of meat cuts and veggies to match varying tastes. You can keep it fresh during the day by storing it in a cooler. 

Corn on the cob

This snack brings back childhood memories and makes a great snack during the evening. You can pregrill it and bring it along. If your rental yacht has a grill station, you can prepare it onboard and pass it around.

Granola bar

For an energy kick during an adventurous yachting trip, nothing works better than granola bars. You can buy them from a store for high convenience. Or else, make them on your own and load them up with dried nuts and fruits for added taste. 

Fried or grilled chicken wings

Chicken wings are loved by children and adults alike. They can be prepared quickly and then stored in an airtight container for your trip.

Snacks to carry while sailing with children 

Children need to be fed with snacks throughout the yacht trip to avoid fuzziness and keep the entertainment levels up. The following are some good snacks to pack while sailing with kids. 

Cut fruits and vegetables with dip

To keep things healthy, serving cut-up fruits and veggies like baby carrots is a good idea. Mix it up with non-spilling dips like whipped feta and hummus for extra taste. Fruits like pineapples, watermelons, and grapes are ideas. 


This is a relatively healthy and tasty snack option that children will definitely enjoy. You can choose flavors like cheese and caramel to keep the kids happy.

Crackers with cheese or other dips

Crackers are delicious with the right dips and are ideal for children. Pair crackers with cheese, garlic herb, or buffalo chicken dip. 


Most children love cookies, and they are easy to carry along for your yacht trip. Either buy packed ones at a store or bake them as per your choice. 

Trail mix

This is one of the best snack options to enjoy while sailing, even if there are picky eaters onboard. You can keep it as healthy as necessary by mixing cashews, pecans, M&Ms, dried fruits, sunflower seeds, and more. Pack it in an airtight container for your trip. 

Individual snack bags

A hassle-free way to distribute snacks onboard is by taking individual snack bags. This includes pretzels, crackers, potato chips, and more. Buy a couple of varieties at the store to match varying guests’ tastes.

It is best to be prepared when it comes to yachting snacks. So pick the ones that sound best while booking your trip for a stress-free time!

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