An Introduction to SharePoint services for beginners

SharePoint services

I’ve met some IT people in my career who have been in IT for decades and have never heard of SharePoint. This has inspired me to write a friendly introduction to SharePoint for our readers. Below are the answers to the most basic questions I get about SharePoint services and the purpose of the system and its capabilities. I hope you find these helpful!

SharePoint is an intranet and extranet web platform which allows you to build, manage and deploy a wide range of business applications online. The SharePoint server contains all the software needed to run all these applications and the system and its capabilities are really simple to understand and use.

An Introduction to SharePoint

SharePoint is a collaborative site-based workgroup. It lets you store documents, collaborate online, and use web forms to easily make lists and other content. SharePoint is used in large organizations to share, store, organize, and make use of data and files.

This makes the work of the whole organization more efficient. There are many SharePoint services on offer on this digital platform.

Microsoft’s cloud version of SharePoint, SharePoint Online, has many additional features to integrate with other cloud applications and can complement many Microsoft packages offered with an Office 365 or Microsoft 365 license.

 The advantages of using SharePoint

SharePoint empowers users with the ability to create applications, sites, pages, etc that allow for increased collaboration between people within an organization.

The SharePoint services ensure seamless web-based cross-collaboration, which makes it easier for the secure data sharing, content management, and collaboration on workflows.

SharePoint services are easy to maintain. The basic features are simple for users to understand. SharePoint can scale up and down to meet the needs of any organization and can be fully customized for a specific purpose. There are many different ways businesses use SharePoint for increased productivity and ROI.

Why you should use SharePoint 

SharePoint services are an intranet platform spanning all business sectors, and have been instrumental in improving work efficiency at Fortune 500 companies over the past 17 years. Amazon has numerous functions that enable collaboration on ad-hoc projects and that establish standards for information exchange, document publication, and data recording.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is built around three core pillars: Content, Community, and Collaboration. It includes features that enable content to be stored, shared, and modified by multiple people across your organization. Microsoft SharePoint 2010 includes the following capabilities:

  • Approving documents before they can be viewed or edited can prevent you from making a mistake.
  • You can “check out” documents to allow another person to view them or to make changes without editing or signing the document. In the case of a co-authoring or editing workflow,
  • you can receive notifications when documents have been uploaded or changed so you can act on the document before it is submitted.

The best part of this product is that it increases business users’ productivity and makes you at ease while working on it.

 The ease in SharePoint services

It’s easy for employees to request information about data, such as the type of data (such as whether it’s text, numbers, or dates) and when the data was last changed, so they don’t have to open a document to see information about its contents.

With SharePoint, you can create custom databases, and store all the information your company needs, which can be used in the workflows you already have or be integrated into your other business processes.

The list goes on and on.

 One of the best features of SharePoint is its ability to integrate with Microsoft Office and Outlook. This means that you can do everything from creating a new document to attaching files, to editing your email, all in the same place. One thing I like about SharePoint is that it is a document management system, not just a collaboration system.

Final Thoughts

SharePoint services are easy and productive for data management. Professional SharePoint consultants are making this platform more productive. Al Rafay Consulting is one such SharePoint consulting company that is committed to bringing out potential benefits from this platform and saving time and money and increasing the productivity of your business.

For any kind of SharePoint solutions and more information on SharePoint services, feel encouraged to contact us and get a piece of professional advice from our highly professional team.

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