All You Need To Know About Props For Your Next Fairytale Portrait

Fairytale Portrait

When it comes to capturing the perfect fairytale portrait, props are key. But with many options, it can be hard to know where to start. So here are the things to remember when choosing props for your next shoot.

First, think about the story you want to narrate. What kind of fairytale is it? Is it a classic like Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty? Or is it something more modern like Frozen or Tangled? Fairy wings are the perfect accessory for your next photoshoot. These wings are durable and easy to use, making your photography session a breeze.

Props You Need For Fairytale Portrait


Costumes are essential for fairy tales because they allow the characters to be transported into their roles. In addition, the right outfit can distinguish between a believable character and one that is not.

A good costume should be appropriate for the character and the setting. It should also be comfortable to wear so that you can move freely and not be distracted by an uncomfortable garment.

The best costumes help to create the illusion of a different world. They should be able to transport the viewer into the story and make them believe that they are seeing real fairies, goblins, or other creatures.

Plants and flowers

Plants and flowers have been used in portraits throughout history. In the Middle Ages, plants were often used to symbolize different qualities. For example, roses represent love, while lilies represent purity. Plants and flowers are still used in portraits to convey many emotions.

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of romance to your portrait or want to show off your favorite flower, incorporating plants and flowers into your picture is a great way to add meaning and depth. 

Choose plants and flowers that have personal significance. For example, if you have a favorite flower, consider using it in your portrait. Alternatively, choose plants and flowers representing qualities you wish to convey in your picture.

Crown or a tiara

A tiara or crown is the perfect way to add a touch of elegance to any fairytale portrait. Whether trying to capture the classic beauty of Snow White or the modern appeal of Elsa, adding a crown or tiara to your subject’s head can help create a truly stunning image.

There are many ways to incorporate a crown or tiara into your fairytale portrait. One popular method is to place the accessory atop your subject’s head, allowing it to stand out against the background. Another option is to use the crown or tiara as part of a more elaborate hairstyle. This can help add even more definition and depth to your portrait.

No matter how you choose to style it, incorporating a crown or tiara into your fairytale portrait is sure to add an extra bit of magic.


Fairytale portraits are not complete without the addition of some beautiful jewelry. It not only adds to the overall look of the portrait but can also be a sign of durability. 

There is something special and timeless about a fairytale portrait adorned with stunning jewelry. It is the perfect accessory for any outfit and can make a statement.


Wings are essential to a fairy’s identity. They are what set them apart from humans and other creatures. Without wings, a fairy is just another person.

There are many different types of wings, each with its unique color and pattern. Fairy wings can be small and delicate or large and powerful. Wings are essential to a fairy’s portrait, regardless of size or type.

Wrap Up

Props are a great way to add whimsy and fantasy to your next fairytale portrait. You can create the perfect scene for your story with some imagination. 

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