6 Ways to Practice Self-Time

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In a busy, hectic routine most people fail to give time to their personal selves. Self-time, commonly now referred to as “me-time”, holds significant importance in one’s life. God has created man to work and enjoy the life that He has gifted, but without sparing time for one’s self, how can one enjoy and thank God for the blessings that He has bestowed upon His mankind? A human mind can get over-exerted by all the things going around. You also might have felt to run far away somewhere because of all the tasks that you have to perform daily, the work piles in the office, continuing to oblige everyone you care for, or the regular house chores.

Every person needs some self-time, where it’s just you and the things that you enjoy. Self-time is crucial for the mental health of a person. This article would help you with six ways how to practice self-time and self-love.

1.      Schedule Your Routine

Everyone has different tasks to perform on a daily basis, and in fact, these regular jobs are the ones that consume most of your time and do not allow you to take time for yourself. Make a schedule of your daily routine. Take out some time and write down where you spend most of the time. There is always a way to take some time out of your busy schedule. When you would prioritize yourself, you’d feel that time can be managed and if not more, at least an hour can be spared from the daily tasks for one’s own self.

2.      Pamper Yourself

Weekdays could be demanding but the weekends are a good option to enjoy one’s own company. Go to a salon and get yourself refreshed. Have dinner at some fancy restaurant, or grab Modern Greek Chicken Wra for $11.86, sit in the park or lakeside and enjoy your meal. If you love to shop, go out to the markets and buy what you love. For book readers, going to a library as a part of self-care is the best choice. If you like being at home, that is your choice and you should follow it as you want. Snuggle in bed, forget about the things-to-do list that you have created for the weekend, switch on a movie and relax. Following your heart, and forgetting about the rest is actually pampering one’s self.

3.      Stop Pleasing Everyone

You are not perfect and you can act perfectly for everyone. Social life is an important aspect of living but you cannot put aside your terms, and conditions, and exert your limits to please others. Learn to say “NO” where it is needed. People take you for granted when you put them on priority and sacrifice your personal needs. Be genuine, helpful, and empathetic, but don’t let others make a fool of you. Be yourself. Your personal self should come before anyone else and other things. Assertiveness is a tactful technique that every one of you should adopt if you love yourself.

4.      Adopt Healthy Habits

Many people feel stressed out and irritated because of their lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle is always damaging to physical and mental health. An aspect of self-time is moving towards healthy living. Outdoor activities like sports or exercising, healthy hobbies like learning music or cooking, and getting involved in social work, are some practices that you can adopt to feel positive and energized. Positivity is a significant trait for self-love and experiencing self-time.

Anti-social acts like stealing, humiliating others, drinking and smoking, etc. will never favor you mentally and physically. Try to avoid the customs which you know are harmful to your well-being.

5.      Have Strong Family Unit

Living alone is not possible for anyone. Family members are crucial for life. People who support you, uplift you and understand you are necessary to hold on in life. Do not ever leave your close members like parents, siblings, spouses, or children. When you have strong relations in life, you feel empowered and strengthened. Being around people who you love and who love you is also a factor that counts under self-time because a well-enjoyed time is what you need to restore your energy.

6.      Do Not Get Impressed From Others

The world is becoming materialistic, and the current set standards of living are making everyone indulge in a race that is never going to end. People who get impressed by others and are not content with what they have are always unhappy with life. And being unhappy means you do not value yourself. No one has a perfect life; there is always something that people want.

Feeling satisfied and happy with what you have demands gratitude over materialism. Once you start practicing it you’ll see that life has become easier for you, the social surroundings and people’s opinions would not matter to you anymore and thus you can relish your self-time in a better way.

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