4 Reasons Why Fashion Is More Than Just Clothes

Fashion Is More Than Just Clothes

When you think about fashion, clothing is the first thing that will probably come to mind. It’s true that this is the main point of fashion. Still, it’s certainly not everything, and there are many other aspects of the fashion world that are just as interesting, exciting, and important. Fashion does go so much further than ‘just’ the clothes we wear. Read on to find out what we mean and how fashion can be included in many things.


What is an outfit without accessories? In a lot of cases, even if that outfit is the height of fashion, it’s not going to be completed until you add some gorgeous and well-thought-out accessories, like purses from judithleiber.com or stylish earrings to the ensemble.

The great thing about accessories is just how wide-ranging the choice is and how many different options you will have when you start looking. From bags to jewelry to hats and scarves, no matter what look you’re going for, there will be accessories to help you achieve it. Many people find accessorizing much more fun than the outfits themselves once they start.


Footwear is another important element of fashion that, although absolutely necessary, can be overlooked and left until the last minute. However, having the right footwear to complement your outfit will finish it well and ensure that you feel confident and look good no matter the occasion.

Regarding the occasion, it’s this, perhaps more than the outfit itself, that will help you decide on the footwear to choose. You could go for sneakers or boots, high heels or ballet pumps, or anything else that works for the occasion. Wear something that is comfortable as well – if your feet feel good, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself much more.


Not everyone likes to wear makeup, and plenty of people choose to leave their faces bare when they dress up and go out for the evening. However, if you do like makeup and cosmetics, this can be another extra element when it comes to fashion.

The truth is that, just like clothing, makeup goes through trends. Just look back a few decades, and you’ll see makeup was used very differently. So do some research on what the current makeup trends are if you want to be up-to-date yourself. Otherwise, experiment with some different looks until you find one that is going to work best for you. The great thing about makeup is that it can show off your personality in a way that other elements of fashion can’t, so don’t be shy about choosing a look you love.


Have you considered that your hair can be just as fashionable as the rest of your ensemble? It makes a lot of sense when you think about it; there are modern and up-to-date hairstyles, and there are those that instantly look old-fashioned. Of course, there are also those that are retro, and these are somewhere between the two looks, not being quite up to date but not being entirely out of date either.

Think about your natural hairstyle and try to work with that, to begin with. If you have straight hair, for example, you might need to go for a different look compared to if you have curly hair. You can combine your own style with looks you see online or in magazines or ask a hair stylist for some advice.

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