3 Locations Across the Country that Benefit Most from Magnetic Screen Doors

Magnetic Screen Doors

When it comes to using the best magnetic screen door that is tightly woven polyester mesh, durable, and able to let in extra airflow into your home, it can be extremely convenient to have them connected to doors frequented by adults, children, and pets.

Hands-free magnetic screen doors that can fit door sizes up to 38 by 82 inches and have heavy magnets running down the seam to close these doors behind the user without any manual effort mesh behind them are great in any location. But which locations across the United States would be ideal for magnetic screen doors?

What we used as the basic criteria for picking these beneficial locations were places that were both really warm on a regular basis and states with the most bugs that would make having screen doors an important element to have added to your home.

Warm weather plays a pretty big role when you use magnetic screen doors to come in and out of your patio, yard, or deck in the hottest cities in the United States. The smell of food may attract hungry bugs from outside to enter your domestic domain, but fortunately, an amazon magnetic screen door can keep out those bugs that are bugging you, along with dirt particles.

Las Vegas, Nevada; known as the famous “Sin City” full of casinos and deserts, this magnetic vacation destination has a reputation for more than just its slot machines; it also has really hot weather. It isn’t unusual for Las Vegas to exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit for an average of 135 days out of the year, putting it in third place for that amount out of all American cities.

Here are a few of the many locations in America that are definitely in need of magnetic screen doors for their homeowners.

Bees in Arizona 

People that live in Arizona not only deal with a lot of bees buzzing around them but also extremely hot temperatures, making it necessary to let some cool breeze into their happy abode. Residents of Tucson, Arizona

Residents of Tucson experience approximately 146 days that go over 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

In Phoenix, Arizona, temperatures also get ultra-hot and sticky, even getting hotter than those that happen in Tucson, with average high temperatures hovering between 104 and 106 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months.

Bees are that bad, considering they give us honey and assist us with growing food that’s to their pollination contributions. But then there are those moments when they stick their stingers into our arms, making it wise to use those magnetic screens in Arizona.

Ants in Texas

Along with another hot spot California, the hot southern state of Texas, has a huge host of residents that are putting in over 10,000 internet searches every month to find ant exterminators in this region. Ants aren’t easy to get rid of once they begin to occupy your home, making that magnetic screen door a key accessory when a city like Dallas gets hit with those 17 days of 100+ temperatures per year.

Another city in Texas that has relentless heat happening on a regular basis is Del Rio. The average high temperature during the month of August is 97.1 degrees Fahrenheit. The border city of Del Rio is often considered the hottest one that Texas has to offer, and that is saying a lot with places like Houston and Austin.

Brownsville, Texas, is another city in Texas that has crazy hot days. In fact, Brownsville averages 133 days a year that hit the high 90 degrees Fahrenheit mark in this section of southern Texas.

Ants aren’t the only bugs that are fairly common in the state of Texas that you will need magnetic screen doors for. There are also lots of spiders that you may be concerned about getting bit by. You will also come across plenty of wasps, which are generally few to be more aggressive than bees. Imagine how frustrating it can be if you have a crew of wasps flying into your home all because it was so hot that someone left the backdoor wide open.

Flies in Louisiana

When it comes to common insects that we do our best to keep from flying into our homes, it would have to be flies. Thankfully they are basically harmless and are unable to sting us like bumble cans. But flies are clearly a problem in the state of Louisiana due to the excessive amount of monthly search engine searches for fly exterminators; living there would be wise to have magnetic screen doors in use.

Also, with the average daily temperature in Louisiana being around 77.3 °F, it is easy to understand that having a magnetic screen door to cool down your home and keep all of those pesky flies out in this southern state is a smart idea.

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